Driven by Existing and New Markets

Main applications and related markets for MAGMENT material grades are described here.
This is far from comprehensive and may spark additional ideas to implement cost-efficient products. 





Power Inductors & Transformers

Thanks to its outstanding magnetic and processing properties as well as competitive price, MAGMENT concrete cement (MC) can be used as a material to manufacture core shapes of unlimited large size. Main applications are power chokes and reactors at large currents featuring distributed air-gap and low losses. Compared to conventional components used in inverters for renewable energies, UPS or induction heating made of powder cores, MAGMENT inductive components offer an economic and compact solution. Core shaping free of constrains from conventional processes allows magnetically filling the accessible space yielding maximum power density of the device and providing self-encapsulation.




Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless transmission is useful to power electrical devices in cases where interconnecting wires are inconvenient or not possible. Wireless power transfer, a transmitter device connected to a power source, such as the mains power line, transmits power by electromagnetic AC fields across an intervening space to one or more receiver devices, where it is converted back to electric power and utilized. MAGMENT concretes enhance the inductive coupling by directing the magnetic field towards the receivers and maximizing the transferred energy.




Static & Dynamic EV Fast Charging

To increase the energy transfer efficiency and/or the distance between the transmitter (road) and receiver (vehicle) coils, it is indispensable to use magnetizable materials to focus the magnetic field between the coils. Using conventional materials such as ferrites is too costly and difficult to integrate. Moreover, the brittle ceramic behaviour as well as high sensitivity to pressure(magnetostriction) are additional hurdles for its implementation. Using MAGMENT concretes instead and by use of conventional parking lot or road construction techniques both the implementation and the performance regarding magnetic field focusing.




Induction Heating and Cooking

Induction heating is a contactless method, based on heating the bodies by means of energy absorption from the alternating magnetic field, generated by an induction coil. Energy absorption is due to eddy currents induced in the part to be heated by the penetrating magnetic field. If the part consists of a ferromagnetic material, such as the pans used for induction cooking, hysteresis losses will cause additional heating. MAGMENT concrete cements (MC) work as a concentrator maximizing the magnetic flux produced by the coil current and increases power generated in the part or cooking pot. It allows full integration of an industrial induction heater or of a cooktop in a concrete stove. Making a decorative slim food warmer with a polished concrete surface is another possibility.




Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

Mitigation of high frequency radiation by absorption can be achieved by MAGMENT fully integrated into any cavity, room or building. It provides a highly effective safeguarding against a broad set of undesired electromagnetic radiation in the range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz. Its broad range of allows various applications to repel the negative effect of radiation/interference to the functionality of integrated systems. Furthermore, if used in household applications it protects human beings against a large range of electro-smog.






Noise Shields For Medical Devices

Medical imaging techniques such as Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Magnetocardiography (MCG) require operation in shielded rooms to testing of signals in the range of femtoteslas. They are constructed with metal (aluminium) and magnetic materials for reducing high-frequency and low-frequency noise. Conventional magnetic materials such as mu-metal cannot be easily integrated and their high cost burdens the system costs. MAGMENT concretes allow to shape the room shielding attaining the required protection against external fields with a significant cost reduction. Beyond these important medical applications MAGMENT shields enable precision magnetometry and highly sensitive sensors.



Integrated Electromagnetic Lock

A magnetic fail-safe or fail-secure door lock consists of an electromagnet portion attached to the door frame and mating armature plate fixed on the door. MAGMENT concretes fulfill the soft magnetic function of the electropermanent magnet allowing full integration to the wall for a compact and secure installation.



Decorative Concrete

Concrete designs are a new trend for exterior and interior decorative surfaces and elements. MAGMENT concrete cements (MC) have a darker grey than conventional concrete and gives additional functionality in combination with magnets for a versatile and easy assembly.