Manufacturers Representative


We have over 17 years of Design & Field Applications Engineering, Sales, and Marketing experience in the magnetics components industry.  

Our Advantage:

  • We understand the entire magnetics design, manufacturing, and sales process because we have been involved from beginning to end on many successful global projects.
  • We work closely with the customer to understand their design needs and project milestones. At the same time we work with the Manufacturer to make sure the customer design requirements and project milestones are properly communicated and met.
  • We are Design Engineers first and  Manufacturers representatives second.


We represent MAGMENT, a German company, in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.



MAGMENT focuses on the development, design and contract manufacture of magnetizable concretes used for innovative, competitive and customer-oriented electromagnetic solutions.

“We are distinguished by large experience and know-how in the fields of magnetic materials and their applications with high professionalism, quality, reliability and technological thought.”


To provide innovative magnetic composite materials for competitive integration in structures of any size..


MAGMENT products and technologies are covered by international patents in all target markets.  If you are interested in licensing the technologies please contact us.